Kate Donahue

Head of Product Marketing, Pitch

Kate has taken Pitch from private beta to global launch. She was previously at Babbel, ChartMogul, and App Annie. Ask her about productivity tools.


Turning a waitlist into a relationship

In this insightful talk, Kate Donahue shares how Pitch created excitement and built meaningful relationships with users waiting to try out their beta product. The outcome? Pitch learned what to prioritize from a product standpoint, and how to hone in on their most successful customers-to-be.

Highlights include:

  • Pitch’s path to shape product messaging that would resonate
  • Understanding and adopting the language of our users
  • Why scaling later can mean scaling more effectively

“Meaningful relationships start with simple questions”

“Don't be afraid to be an influencer. Relationships are ultimately about persuading people, even if that's just building on shared affinity and continuing to drive that relationship forward."