Alejandra Tamayo

Inbound Sales Manager, Hint

Alejandra started working in the tourism industry to later turn to digital marketing where she's been developing new skills for the last 10 years. Currently the Inbound Sales Manager at Hint, where she seeks the improvement of inbound sales through tools such as training, automation, software integrations, and specialized content.

Ask her about Sales enablement, Hubspot automation, and Inbound Sales software.

Building customer relationships:

Why are conversations so important?

“Forget about the transaction and build a relationship.”

Alejandra Tamayo joined us from Mexico to talk about the crucial role of conversation in the sales process, with some insightful anecdotes on:

  • How trust can quickly “leave the room” when a purchase is the reason for a conversation
  • Why we should all see ourselves as working in customer service
  • The importance of active listening, and knowing when to deviate from the social “script”