Anita Hossain

Anita is Cofounder and CEO of The Grand, a platform and community for group coaching to navigate life and work transitions. She is also an executive coach, supporting clients and their journeys to become the most effective and intentional leaders they can be. Ask her about board games, fried chicken, personality tests, and other great ways to break the ice.


Tria Chang

Tria is the Co-creator of Make America Dinner Again, which has facilitated hundreds of conversations since its founding in 2016. Tria has appeared on NPR, BBC, ABC, Mother Jones, the Glenn Beck Program, and at SXSW to discuss and model how to build understanding across political lines. Ask her about bridging divides, the importance of writing, and the joy of eating.


Meggie Palmer

Meggie founded PepTalkHer with a mission to close the gender pay gap. She also helps companies retain female leaders and foster diversity. Meggie spent 15 years as a journalist & foreign correspondent in Europe, the USA & Australia. She is passionate about helping small businesses connect with and harness the media.


Alicia Ferguson

As CMO of Curlmix, Alicia is committed to disrupting the pressures in society on women to look a certain way in order to feel professional and acceptable, and encouraging them to embrace their natural beauty. She is also yoga teacher.

Panel discussion:

How to build a meaningful community

This inspiring talk could have been an event all of its own. Watch these amazing women share their experiences of building meaningful communities.

Hear insights from:

  • Anita Hossain who shares her vast experience in creating a sense of unity and belonging through diversity
  • Tria Chang on breaking down political divides at the dinner table, and seeing each other as humans with a collection of experiences
  • PepTalkHer's Meggie Palmer on closing the gender pay gap, and helping women supercharge their careers
  • Alicia Ferguson on being a servant leader, 'Curl Daddies', and getting in the shower for your community members

“Give permission to people to be vulnerable, then the magic happens.”

“We can build meaningful communities not just between individuals, but also between organizations—not seeing each other as competition, but as partners.”

"Cultivate spaces and conversations you don’t normally see in marketing."

“Conversations are richer when there are diverse perspectives.”