Gautam Khorana

Cofounder and COO, Seahawk Media

A marketer and foodie based in Gurgaon and Boston, Gautam helped grow his family business Bello Jewels into one of the largest jewelry exporters to the USA, UAE, and Europe. He has experience growing enterprises in India and APAC through content localization strategies, and works with major brands across India and the USA such as GoDaddy, Virat Kohli Foundation, Ahujasons, IHOP, Wasabi, and more. Gautam speaks many languages and is well versed with international business dealings and cross-border transactions. Ask him about WordPress or his puppy.


Scaling a business in a highly competitive world

“Why can’t anybody and everybody have a beautiful website?”

Founder of Seahawk Media, Gautam Khorana joined us from Delhi to share his experiences on:

  • Being a happy compulsive workaholic while growing multiple businesses
  • Using a “nest” structure for success
  • Transitioning from India’s reliance on face-to-face meetings to the new normal of the COVID-19 world