Laura Rueda

Senior Product Manager, Typeform

Laura puts together her background in technology, sociology, and business to connect the dots, design products, and drive innovation. Her path into Product Management started at CERN, the Physics Lab. At CERN, she juggled with development and UX research across projects funded by the European Commission. This work taught her always to put the user first.

Her contributions span across many sectors, public, and NGO. Laura has been a solid contributor to the scientific community, for which she built various tools that enable scientists to do better research.

She is now occupied with thinking through online interactions and contributing to making them more meaningful. A cause she cares deeply about. To her, people, technology, and data, are dear to her heart.

Ask her about Loom.

Product insights

How to build for creators

During 2020, Typeform has been working on a complete redesign of the builder experience. Laura Rueda, the Product Manager in charge of the initiative, walks us through its conception, validation, and building process. Get an inside view of all the new features along with many unique insights into our design process.

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