David Okuniev

Cofounder and Head of R&D, Typeform

David Okuniev, Typeform's innovator in residence, started his career as a musician. Expression through music soon expanded into the world of product and brand design. This move led to Okuniev founding the design studio Fat-Man-Collective. He ran his design studio from a co-work space where he met Robert Muñoz. The two entrepreneurs co-founded Typeform. David is now the Head of R&D at Typeform and currently occupies his time with the next generation of online interaction software, VideoAsk.

Ask him about product design, entrepreneurship, fundraising, product management, and hummus.


Getting personal with VideoAsk

The best interface is your face. And at a time when we have more digital interactions than ever, video is a powerful way to form more meaningful, personal relationships.

Typeform's Cofounder David Okuniev shares how to get face-to-face with your prospects, customers or audience, with VideoAsk.

"It never feels like work, it always feels like fun to me. I just like solving problems."